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The role of a host is often underestimated, but it’s the secret ingredient that can turn an ordinary gathering into an extraordinary experience. Without the right host, events can lack direction, energy, and that essential connection with the audience, leaving them feeling unfulfilled, disconnected, and confused.  A skilled host creates the atmosphere, engages the audience authentically, and ensures the event flows seamlessly. His experience building incredible community between audiences and organizations makes D-Wayne Taylor the perfect solution.

An Experienced MC
Who Brings The Energy

At the core of D-Wayne’s brand is a steadfast commitment to ignite exceptional experiences through the art of voice. The D-Wayne difference: infectious purposeful energy that infuses every event with a high-voltage atmosphere, amping up excitement and making each occasion unforgettable.


D-Wayne manages the energy of your event by bringing an authentic and genuine touch to every occasion, focusing on making sure your audience feels connected with the mission and message of your organization. Throughout his years of experience as a live event host, he’s hosted for millions of live attendees and has helmed historic moments, such as the World Record-breaking volleyball game attendance(92,000+).

He also entertains audiences as the on-court personality for The University of Nebraska-Lincoln Husker’s Men’s basketball team and the Master of Ceremonies for the Omaha SuperNovas.

TV + Radio Host

As a TV + Radio Host, D-Wayne Taylor brings your message to the spotlight. His journey includes serving as the afternoon radio personality for Lincoln’s Hit Music 106.3 KFRX, and served as the Program Director of RED 94.5 where he honed his craft in connecting with audiences through mass media.


Whether engaging in interviews, lively discussions, or entertaining segments, D-Wayne is experienced in making meaningful connections that resonate with your audience.


As a Beatboxer since 2009, D-Wayne has used his authentic performance style and dynamic energy to amaze attendees. He performs solo and with his A Capella Group, The Flyovers. With 4 albums released by the group, D-Wayne’s beatboxing serves as the rhythmic guide for each song.

What sets
D-Wayne Taylor

“It’s all about creating unforgettable experiences. My energy is like getting zapped by electricity, infusing every event with authentic excitement, making it truly memorable. But it’s not just about the energy; it’s about inspiring people to connect, pushing boundaries in real time, and building real connections. When you choose me, you’re not just hiring a host; you’re bringing a spark that transforms events into cherished memories.” 

The D-Wayne Method

Embark on a journey to redefine event experiences, where each gathering isn’t just an occasion but an unforgettable moment in the relationship between you and your audience. The D-Wayne Method ensures your events don’t just happen; they resonate, pulsating with energy, precision, and impactful engagement.


Ensure every heartbeat of your event engages, creating a community that feels SO CONNECTED, that they eagerly return year after year. D-Wayne offers services to keep the engagement alive post-event, turning one-time interactions into lasting relationships.


D-Wayne steers your event with a voice that commands trust and QUICKLY fosters a unique attendee-MC rapport that’s been proven with hundreds of thousands of audience members. That rapport means your audience connects with your message faster than ever.


Harmonize communications, D-Wayne interacts DIRECTLY with your audience, and brings them into the event in special ways unique to your organization that ensure the attendee feels valued and enveloped in the experience.


Ready to transform your event from ordinary to extraordinary?